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Best time to visit Kazakhstan

In Spring or fall, it’s the perfect time to visit Kazakhstan. The temperatures are never too high and the production is in excess, as are the festivals. While visiting Kazakhstan is ideal both in summer and in winter, many day trips to the region are simply not feasible due to weather conditions (ie. Singing Dunes are too hot in summer and snow prohibits many trips in winter).

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Is Kazakhstan safe for travel?

Kazakhstan continues to be a secure tourist destination and has been retaining its category of level 1 since mid-2020 within the travel advisory framework of the U.S. Department of States, i.e. among safer nations around the world. Tourists from a variety of nations, including solo and female travelers, have registered a positive reception while in the country and a general feeling of safety. In addition, in the larger cities, tourism offices have opened and a growing number of locals are able to communicate in English.

Kazakhstan highlights

Kazakhstan is the world’s ninth largest country, Central Asia’s largest and the largest landlocked nation in the world.
Baikonur in Kazakhstan began the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin.
The people of the Kasakhs belong to one of three groups, and many people are not married outside their tribes until this day.
Aples and tulips are known to be both from Kazakhstan.
Situated at the Medeu Sports Complex, near Almaty, Kazakhstan has the world’s highest ice skating rink.
The longest ever land boundary in the world is shared between Kazakhstan and Russia.

Visa Guides

The 30-day visa-free entry program in Kazakhstan is applied to a wide variety of nations, including the United States and various countries in Asia, Europe, and the CIS. If you are not qualified for visa-free, you are likely to apply for a simple e-visa while anyone who requires a formal invitation may request a simple invitation from a variety of institutions.

Souvenirs From Your Journey

All good things must come to an end, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a piece of Kazakhstan home with you once your holiday is concluded. Some of the country’s most authentic gifts include:

  • Chocolates – Sweets produced by local company Rakhat (Рахат) are as colorful as they are tasty. You can even purchase chocolate bars wrapped to appear like the Kazakhstan flag.
  • “Kazakhstan” cognac – This high-quality brandy is produced by local company Bacchus and famous in the region.
  • Handmade felt items – These colorful hats, skullcaps and vests are still worn by some Kazakhs today.
  • Felt slippers – Comfortable and easy to transport, they are often decorated with traditional designs.
  • Wooden boxes – These hand-carved masterpieces can be a beautiful memento from your journey.
  • Small carpets – Rugs of every size and price can be found at most bazaars and in specialty shops.