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Best time to visit Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is the perfect time to visit in the summer. The country is one of the world’s highest nations and as mostly mountains, temperatures in Bishkek can be warm, but the higher you go almost always are cool and relaxed.

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Citizens must register in local OVIR/OVD police station, including the weekends and arrival date, within 5 days of their arrival. Registration as a different service may be offered. Citizens of countries requiring visas to enter Kyrgyzstan will generally have to apply within 5 days. If you should not register, it will be 10,000 som fine, and you will not be permitted to leave the country until it was paid. This will lead to the lack of flights and additional costs.

Visa Guides

One of the redemptional virtues of Kyrgyzstan is that, due to its 60-day visa-free entry for nationals of more than 50 countries plus unlimited travel for ten nations, including Japan and Russia, it is the region’s easiest country to visit. The majority of tourists who need a visa have to apply online only, with only few nationalities who need a feared Invitation letter.

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The journey from Kyrgyzstan takes you to the Swiss Alps of Central Asia, a beautiful landscape untouched by overcrowded cities and tourism. Kyrgyzstan is the real deal – very basic and spacious, adaptable and hard workforce, unchanging and stimulating, multiple and varied possibilities for adventure.

Do's in Kyrgyzstan

  • Take into account the fact that mountain roads can become unsafe or impassive in winter and that high-level yurt camps can, oddly, even in summer, be cold.
  • Be versatile and provide more time on your route due to the weather, last minute planning adjustments and unexpected possibilities.
  • Practice responsible tourism through investment in homestays, coffee shops, family owned souvenir shops and tour programs in Kyrgyzstan to help local start-ups.