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Tours to Tajikistan

Tours to Tajikistan

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Tajikistan is a very picturesque mountainous country, an important site on the Great Silk Road. Mountain tourists and climbers, travelers on four-wheel drive jeeps – lovers of high-mountainous off-road, explorers of ancient buildings, of which there are hundreds in Tajikistan, as well as seekers of original legends in secluded high-mountain settlements and who want to climb where no man’s foot has gone, go to Tajikistan. The harsh beauty of the high Pamir mountains, monuments of the pre-Muslim era, hidden corners of pristine nature, the meeting of cultures, high-mountain settlements and the original lifestyle of the mountaineers, delicious cuisine and healing mineral springs – this is what attracts tourists to rest in Tajikistan. Where to go and what to see in Tajikistan: The Fann Mountains are one of the most beautiful regions of the Pamir-Alai: deep gorges, easy passes, about 40 incredibly beautiful lakes, bordered by pointed rocky five-thousanders. Pamir tract – the most picturesque high-mountainous highway; passes through the deserted highlands of the Pamirs, overcoming passes with a height of more than 4000 m. The Wakhan Corridor is a harsh alpine region in the valleys of the Wakhan and Pyanj rivers. High-mountain settlements of the Pamirians, auls lost in the mountains, which have preserved ancient traditions and language in isolation from modern civilization. Seven thousandths of the Pamirs: climbing the Communism peak (7495 m), Korzhenevskaya peak (7105 m). Hissar fortress and other historical sights. The main cities are Dushanbe, Khujand, Khorog, Kulyab, Kurgan-Tyube.

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