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turkmenistan travel guide

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Turkmenistan is a region with extremes with respect to climate and temperature. The summers of Central Asia are some of the hottest and mostly desert in the oceans. Despite warm and mild springs and autumns, summer’s intense weather is in contrast to freezing cold winters. As the country is relatively dry and flat, the climate does not affect much and seasons tend to be very stable from year to year in Turkmenistan.

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Tourist visa holders must be registered within 72 business hours of their arrival in Turkmenistan through the Registry of the State Tourism Office (business visa holders are registered at the National migration service). Our tour packages have an inscription service; to ensure registration, we need your passport at the start of the tour and will return it no longer than 12 hours after registration procedures.

Visa Guides

The visa is required for Turkmenistan to enter the Republic of Turkmenistan from all foreign nationals. The Immigration Service of the Republic of Turkmenistan shall, upon request from a licensed travel agent in Turkmenistan, issue a visitor visa to Turkmenistan. Usually, the acceptance time is 3 to 4 weeks. The Immigration Service retains the right without justification to reject a visa application. The visa application is faxed directly to the Republic of Turkmenistan’s embassy or consulate in the country where the visa is given to the traveller.

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Turkmenistan is one of the most hidden and difficult nations in the world to visit and you must enter a tour to visit the remote region. The vast desert nation scarcely makes headlines and is such a mystery for tourists that it adds to the ultimate appeal.

Do's in Turkmenistan

  • Prepare yourself for possible extreme weather, particularly at night in summer (the desert, after all), and shockingly cool winter.
  • Recognize that Turkmen are considered holy in many historical and religious sites so do not speak aloud, slacken or mess with ceremonies that are very important to performers.
  • Hold the laws and customs of Turkmenistan, even though you disagree.
    Respect sex restrictions, referring your questions to someone of the same sex if necessary.
  • Get ready to learn, observe and ask questions on this journey.